Today marked the 100th day in office for President Donald Trump. Although it may be considered an artificial milestone, many believe it as a chance to analyze the current President’s progress, especially on the campaign promises he made. Let’s take a look at the main policy issues Trump has or has to deal with.

On immigration, President Trump wanted to work on the issues of illegal immigration and stopping terrorism from abroad. He attempted to put “terror-prone” countries on a temporary ban and has made steps forward to build a wall and crackdown on illegal immigrants. So far, although undocumented immigrants are being arrested, he has not made much progress as his travel ban has been put on hold by the supreme court and he still awaits for the money for his proposed wall.

Dealing with the issue of empty seat in the Supreme Court, President Trump said he would fill the seat in as soon as possible, and he did. He nominated conservative Judge Neil Gorsuch, and after controversially telling the Senate to “go nuclear”, his nominee was appointed.

In regards to healthcare, he vehemently opposed and criticized Obamacare and promised to repeal and replace it on the campaign trail. But House Speaker Paul Ryan and President Trump failed the GOP’s live long ambition to replace Obamacare. Despite this, a revised plan is still being devised, but Obamacare is still “the law of the land” for now.

Lastly, President Trump was a big critic of the current trade policies in place that were enacted by the Obama administration. The President said it was major job killer, and specifically derailed the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Although he was successful in opting out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, he was unsuccessful to withdraw or negotiate NAFTA. Talks are still being undergone.

The biggest conflict recently is the risk of the government being shut down as it is unclear whether Congress will be able to agree on a new spending bill in time. Right now they passed a one-week extension to avert the possibility, but some Republicans claim that Trump tax plan is “not even close” to reform, which would be another promise the president has  failed to fulfill.

Even though Trump claims that the hundred day mark is arbitrary, his administration has been very busy as they attempt to push a tax plan, revive healthcare repeal, and push to find funding for the border wall.