“Mexico will pay for the wall”

This was one of President Donald Trump’s campaign promises, that he would find a way for Mexico to fund the border wall.

There has been much discussion over how the wall would be funded, with some even saying it is impossible.  Recently, Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz proposed a unique idea, that Drug Lord El Chapo’s seized assets be invested towards securing the southern border.  This bill would not only apply to El Chapo, who is currently being prosecuted, but towards any money seized from the cartels.

In a literal sense, this bill would have Mexico pay for the wall.  However, the individuals having to pay the large sums of money do not reflect the Mexican populace or government.  Instead, the burden is on the criminal organizations with involvement in the United States.

In a recent interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News, Cruz stated that El Chapo’s worth is estimated at 14 billion dollars.  He then specified that the wall is estimated to cost a minimum of 14 billion USD.  Accordingly, this bill could possibly cover the expenses, all while possibly not penalizing the Mexican government or populace.

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