At least three deaths have been reported, along with dozens of injuries, in Venezuela massive anti-government demonstration that people have dubbed as “the mother of all marches”.

The protesters blame the government for the major economic crisis that is taking place, which has continued to worsen since 2016. It is reported that Venezuelans are having trouble buying basic staples as they frequently see “empty store shelves”.

Even though the government is ceasing to release publications of GDP figures, the International Monetary Fund estimates a 10 percent contraction. Some economists even put the drop at 15 percent. These figures would make Venezuela’s the world’s worst economy as of 2016. Economists still are trying to calculate the exact numbers.

The depression was the result of the collapse of oil prices, which has had a devastating effect, leaving many staple goods in short supply and resulting in inflation in the triple digits. Venezuela sits on the largest oil reserves in the world.

Protesters are expressing anger, specifically directed at President Nicolás Maduro, who looks to consolidate his power in order to avoid being ousted out. On Thursday,  Maduro ordered government forces on the ground in response and the forces ended up shooting and killing at least three people. Last month, a total of seven people were reported dead in protests.

It is clear that many are not happy with Maduro’s administration, but we await to see the result of this major crisis.