The Special Election in Georgia’s 6th District for Tom Price’s seat in the House of Representatives produced no replacement representative yesterday.  Instead, there will be a June runoff, where Democrat Jon Ossoff will race against Republican Karen Handel.

Jon Ossoff fell 1.9% short of the 50% threshold of votes he needed to win the seat.  The highest Republican recipient of votes was Karen Hendel, who received 20% of the votes.

The Democrats were hoping for a quick win yesterday.  Contrarily, Republicans knew not a single of their candidates could reach 50% of the votes due to their abundance of candidates, who divided the support.

Though liberals did not walk away with a victory, they were energized, optimistic, and encouraged at the thought of being able to win a historically Republican district, as well as gain some seats in the House.  At Crowne Plaza Hotel, Ossoff supporters filled the ballroom, joyful at his success for a Democrat in a red-leaning region.

Handel also had her own victory party, where she urged the unification of Republicans to continue the area’s history of voting for the Right.

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