A Chinese State-run Tabloid warned North Korea to avoid Nuclear tests and plans for missile activities for the safety of both countries. It also proclaimed that China does not wish to coincide with a nuclear armed Pyongyang.

North Korea has openly claimed its missile test activities in recent years, and continues to show aggression against the United States. A range of missile programs are being led at the command of Supreme leader Kim Jong-un, most notably its nuclear program. But under the new administration of President Donald Trump, tensions between the U.S. and North Korea are beginning to heat up.

In recent weeks, the White House has claimed it will consider taking military action and sent an aircraft carrier to the Western Pacific, a force the President described as an “armada.” Following such events, North Korean state media has warned, on Tuesday, of a nuclear attack response at any sign of U.S. belligerence.

But just last week, President Trump met with Chinese President Xi Jinping and advised him to keep his ally North Korea under control and urged further diplomatic cooperation. In response to all this, President Xi Jinping claimed that it will cut back on oil exports from North Korea if they decide to conduct nuclear missile tests and told President Trump to find a peaceful resolution to the issue.

On April 15th, the North Koreans celebrated their founding father’s Birthday. Kim Il-Sung’s Birthday is usually celebrated by firing of missiles, and today the missile tests ended in failure and indicated North Korean weakness. It will be interesting to see how this international crisis will pan out.