North Korea has always been a bit of a rule breaker when it comes to international law.  As of recently, the nation has been experimenting with ballistic missiles.  However, such tests are in violation of the United Nations’ terms and conditions.

The Trump Administration has taken steps to attempt to deter such aggression.  An American Fleet was sent to the North Korean Peninsula to conduct joint exercises with South Korea’s military.  Later, a carrier strike group was ordered towards the peninsula.

President Donald Trump has stated that the United States possesses the means to resolve the issues with North Korea.  However, he stated that China would receive a better trade deal if they aided with the North Korea problem.

China possesses leverage over the isolated nation.  It controls lots of its trade and provides it with energy.  For a long time, the question has been why haven’t they utilized this to pressure North Korea into dropping its illegal weapons program.

North Korea has not responded well.  Its state media has threatened nuclear war at signs of aggression.

Even so, nations have joined the US’ endeavor towards deterring North Korea’s weapons program.

Chinese President Xi Jinping is partaking in the effort.  He called for the ‘denuclearisation of the peninsula.’

One of China’s first big steps was the turning back of ships transporting Coal from North Korea.  In doing so, they cut off on of North Korea’s largest exports, which threatens its economy.  Trump also stated that there were other steps he knew about, so there should be more to come.

According to Reuters, now, Japan is prepared to provide the ‘Armada,’ what Trump called the American Navy Fleet headed towards the peninsula, with ships.

Despite the fact that large foreign powers are determined to stop its nuclear program, North Korea remains seemingly undeterred, proclaiming that its military is prepared for attacks.