When President Donald Trump struck Syria with Tomahawk Missiles, the targeted site was not the only thing shaken.  In fact, the whole world was.  The Syria Strike refreshed the world of politics, causing some historically anti-Trump figures to praise his action and some historically pro-Trump supporters to denounce it.

The president’s decision created a clear distinguishment between himself and Former President of the United States Barack Obama.  In multiple statements, Obama stated that he wanted Syria to hand over its chemical weapons.  Critiques attacked him for not ‘enforcing,’ as they say, this expectation.

So, when Trump responded immediately upon the usage of chemical weapons in Syria, he won over several of the people opposed to Obama’s foreign policy, including some of Obama’s own former foreign officials.

It seems as though the Syria strike is well received by many Republicans.  This month, two former Republican Presidential Candidates, Lindsay Graham and John McCain, described the act in favorable light.  Both of them have had a rocky relationship with Trump, but are now giving a nod of approval.

Even some mainstream Democrats are in favor of Trump’s assertiveness in Syria.  Former  Democrat Candidate and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called for the removal of Syrian Airfields in a public interview.  Hours later, Trump launched the attacks on Assad, an undertaking supported by Clinton earlier that day.

However, a chunk of the support base that helped bring Trump into the Oval Office, the extreme nationalists, are not quite as excited.

Marine Le Pen, a member of the National Front, a French Presidential Candidate, and a supporter of Trump during the campaign, described herself as taken aback.  A harsher sentiment is felt by much of the Alt Right.  Richard Spencer, the proclaimed founder of the Alt Right, created the YouTube video “The Trump Betrayal,” where he condemns Trump’s intervention in Syria.

The loss of support for Trump has both pros and cons for him.  Though the Alt Right and extreme nationalists were big fans of him, they also riddled him and his supporters with controversy.  In the withdrawal of some of their support, Trump positioned himself in less shady light.

President Donald Trump’s strike on Syria remixed his support base and criticizers.  While the majority of people continue to hold their anti-Trump or pro-Trump sentiments, key political figures have changed their opinion on him.  Specifically, it seems as though the intervention is receiving praise from mainstream politicians and figures, but criticism from the far right.