Yesterday night, the U.S. military was ordered to launch airstrikes against the Syrian government by President Donald Trump. The airstrikes composed of dozens of missiles directed towards a Syrian air base. The U.S. was hoping in destroying equipment there. After the airstrikes it was concluded that six people were dead. Russian troops in the area were warned ahead of time and were not targeted.

Why did the President order an airstrike? It was directed in the aftermath of a sarin chemical attack allegedly by the Syrian government that resulted in more than seventy-two deaths. Trump claimed that his views on the situation in Syria and his sentiments towards Bashar al-Assad are flexible and changed dramatically after the horrendous tragedy. Just a week before the chemical attack, the Trump administration claimed that it was borderline indifferent about whether or not Assad stayed in power. The chemical attack changed everything.The President claimed that it was in the interest of U.S. national security to stop the use of chemical weapons.

The President has received criticism from both the right and the left for his hasty actions. Back in 2013, Barack Obama came close to a military intervention after more than a thousand people were killed by a chemical weapons attack and blamed it on the Assad regime. The Former President was able to make Assad agree to apparently destroy all of his chemical weapons in return for not using military intervention, however in retrospect, it clearly seems that Assad did not destroy all of them.

The Trump administration has indicated its willingness to use military force in this conflict. The U.S. has resisted getting involved in Syria for years, but with the new administration, it looks like things will take a dramatically different approach when it comes to Syria.