Fuhr Bannon…President Bannon…Emperor Bannon…

These were all nicknames given to Steve Bannon when President Donald Trump gave him the role of White House Chief Strategist.

The president’s decision to appoint Bannon, Chief Executive Officer of the Trump Campaign and former Executive Chairman at Breitbart News, sparked some serious controversy.  Several people felt distasteful of Bannon and saw his designation as indicative of his growing political presence.  These are the same people currently cheering over Trump’s decision to remove the man from the National Security Council, what many see as a demotion for him.

However, if you are one of many saddened or excited by this ‘demotion,’ a ‘demotion’ might not quite be the right word for this situation.

The change in position occurred during a White House reshuffling of ranks, where officials were promoted to higher or lower roles.  The most significant change was H.R. McMaster, an Army General, gaining greater sway over national security.

McMaster was given his post to replace Former General Michael Flynn after his resignation.  Bannon’s role was intended to look over Flynn and his reshaping of the National Security Council.

However, with Flynn being out of the administration for some time now, a significant portion of Bannon’s role was removed.

In a statement, Bannon said he wanted the National Security Council “de-operationalized” and that “General McMaster has returned the NSC to its proper function.”

So, it seems as though Bannon was not really needed in the council anymore, as his tasks were either no longer necessary or recently completed, making his presence in the NSC no longer required.

Additionally, during his time serving on the council, officials reported that his appearances at meetings were rare, meaning he likely was not the most contributive member.

In conclusion, as White House officials have stated, Bannon’s removal from the NSC was not quite a demotion, for his role was complete.  Furthermore, there seemed to be little incentive for him to be kept on the council, having a supposed low attendance rate.