A couple of weeks ago, South Korean President Park Geun-hye was impeached. She was the first female president of South Korea.

It was revealed that Geun-hye was helping out a crony outside of government to scam millions of dollars out of big South Korean businesses, such as Samsung. It was also revealed that such actions were undertaken in exchange for political favors.

Park continuously denied the allegations, until thousands of protesters called for her resignation and sufficient evidence came up that indicated Guen-hye was guilty. For months, lawmakers and elected officials tried to impeach Guen-hye and the Constitutional court finally decided to impeach her on March, 9th.

The centre-right Saenuri Party took a massive hit in the scandal as well. The impeachment caused further protests and demonstrations both for and against Geun-hye, and two civilians died in such protests. After the impeachment, Guen-hye also lost political immunity and was convicted and arrested for abuse of power.

The country still hasn’t decided on a new president. This is a very volatile and uncertain time for South Korea as North Korea’s missile program continues to pose a threat. The U.S is helping South Korea set up a defense system in preparation of a North Korean attack. China has also got into the mix, and as an ally of North Korea, it has began to shut down South Korean businesses in the country.

This is a huge turn of events, not only for South Korean politics, but international relations as well.