Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has addressed his concerns over North Korea’s Military Activity.  In summary, he wants to denuclearize the Korean peninsula and have the United States and China work to combat this, what he calls, ‘imminent threat.’

What has sparked much of the controversy, however, is that Tillerson hinted to the use of military force if the weapons program continues to pose a greater threat towards the United States of America as an option to halt North Korea’s illegal weapons’ itinerary.

Who is for the Trump Administration’s Agenda and Against It?

Several news outlets have been effective in portraying this act as one of a warmonger, proclaiming it was the abandonment of diplomacy.  However, the Trump Administration has reason to take these measures.

North Korea has one of the strongest militaries in the world, possessing powerful weapons of mass destruction.  Furthermore, it is known for being aggressive to surrounding nations, which is worrying because of their conflict with South Korea.  The problem may not be that North Korea will ‘imminently’ attack another nation, but that should Kim Jong Un decide to take military action, a show of force would be ‘imminent’ and deadly.

However, not everyone on Capitol Hill feels this way.  Politicians, like Edward Markey, state that Tillerson’s approach could lead to an international crisis, the argument being that threatening Kim Jong Un’s plans could result in a hostile response.

What Steps Has Tillerson Taken?

For starts, Tillerson stated that negotiations over freezing North Korea’s weapons’ program are not an option.  Instead, he established that other means may be used to ensure the program’s threats do not rise substantially.

Negotiations have been attempted.  Friday, Tillerson rebuffed China’s proposal that South Korea and the United States stop their joint military exercises in turn for North Korea’s halt on testing missile, a similar approach as Obama’s Administration.

Conclusion as of Now

No clear conclusion has been reached so far.  The Trump Administration seems adverse to negotiations until North Korea’s weapons’ program is dismantled.  Likewise, Kim Jong Un seems to wish to keep his military force as strong as possible.

Rex Tillerson has, however, stated there are numerous steps that can be implemented to discourage North Korea’s Weapons’ Agenda.  If the US decides to attack North Korea economically, sanctions can be enforced or put in place and resources, like oil, can be withheld from them.  Militarily, America can attack missile sites, ramp up cyber war attacks on North Korea, and upgrade its military.