Earlier this month, President Donald Trump accused Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower. Trump believes that several phones were “wiretapped,” but didn’t know how exactly to prove this claim. However, he strongly believes that this was done against his favor during the presidential elections. It would be, of course, illegal for a president to order wiretaps on a President Nominee or Elect.

The Obama administration denied all claims of wiretapping. The Trump administration accused the FBI of conspiracy and uncooperative behavior, and claimed that Director James Comey was ordered to publicly deny the President’s claims. The White House asked Congress to perform an investigation on the matter, and the Senate Intelligence Committee agreed.

On March 16, the Senate Intelligence Committee confirmed that there is “no evidence” that the former president wiretapped President Trump. The House Intelligence Committee also agrees that there is no evidence as well. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan agrees with the Intelligence Committees, however the President adamantly stands by his claims according to Press Secretary Sean Spicer. The Justice Department is also on this issue currently.

The claim is of major significance and is certainly not to be taken lightly. Expect more news in the next couple of months.