c6el-7lwyauj0lpCurrent American President Donald Trump’s storm of Twitter allegations of Former President Barack Obama’s “wire-tapping” his head quarters was met with sharp criticism by the media, quick to point out the lack of evidence in his posts, and by the Obama Administration, proclaiming such an act is against their policy.  Contrarily, Donald Trump supporters reacted furiously, supported by former and current security officials and insiders of the Obama Team.

What is a wiretap?  Did Obama wiretap?

Wiretapping is the act of using a listening device, such as a telephone, to gain information about the user.  Under a FISA Warrant, believed foreign spies can be surveilled, although in special cases, citizens can also be.  The FISA Court has not said whether or not a warrant was granted to the Obama Team, however we know the majority of FISA requests are granted.

The other primary way of ordering citizen surveillance would be through a criminal warrant.  To execute this, there would have to be probable cause that Donald Trump was partaking in illicit activities.

So, either he was illegally wiretapped, is mistaken, or legal was action taken.

We know, however, that people associated with Trump, such as General Flynn, were monitored during the campaign, making the possibility of the president being spied on seem more plausible.

So did Obama wiretap Donald Trump?  Well, if confirmed, this would not be the first time the ex-President has done such a thing.  In 2013, he had Fox Reporter James Rosen’s communications monitored.  However, no such proof has surfaced so far, asides there being an investigation between Trump and 2 Russian Banks and inspection to determine if there was collaboration between his campaign crew and the Russians to alter the outcome.

What does this all mean…

We are in a mess.  There has been no clear clarification or serious evidence presented yet, meaning everyone should refrain from judging.  However, should the president have been right, it could signify an attempt to delegitimize a presidential candidate.   Though wiretapping could be a possibility or a complete lie, we will have to wait and see.