rt-dakota-pipeline-construction-1-jt-161103_31x13_1600The Dakota Access Pipeline, or Bakken Pipeline, is a planned 1,172-mile-long underground oil pipeline project in the United States. The pipeline is currently under construction by Dakota Access, LLC.

The Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL) has been the topic of some serious contentious debate in this nation. The program proves to be divisive, but nonetheless is underway under the Trump admiration.  Here is our take on the benefits and disadvantages that pipeline creates.


North Dakota is expected to gain $100 million or more annually in tax revenue once crude oil begins flowing through the Dakota Access Pipeline, and for a state that struggles with declining tax revue this will certainly be a solution to the problem. Not only will North Dakota gain tax revue but South Dakota, Iowa, and Illinois might earn millions annually as well.

Construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline will help the economy and create thousands of Jobs. Building the pipeline is expected to create 8,000 to 12,000 new jobs. These will be in industries that manufacture steel pipes and other related materials. North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Illinois may earn $50 million annually in property taxes and $74 million in sales taxes.

The pipeline will also result in the U.S becoming more Energy independent, reducing oil imports from the Middle East, Russia, and etc.

The Dakota Access Pipeline will make transporting oil from North Dakota to major refining markets safer and more environmentally friendly.


The pipeline has been controversial regarding its impact on the environment. Several Native Americans in Iowa and the Dakotas have opposed the pipeline, such as the Meskwaki and several Sioux tribal nations, under the assertion that the pipeline would threaten sacred burial grounds as well as the quality of water in the area.

The pipeline will also be detrimental to the environment as it will worsen climate change by pumping hundreds of thousands of gallons of shale oil to market daily increasing CO2 emissions.

Overall Verdict

The pipeline will have a positive impact on the economy, at the expense of the environment and the affected Native American’s quality of life.